Tina Sanghvi

Senior Technical Director, Alive and Thrive Programme, Family Health International-360

Tina Sanghvi has a PhD in Human Nutrition. She studied Nutrition Planning at MIT and in Global Burden of Disease analysis at Harvard University. For over 30 years she provided program support and served as technical advisor in international nutrition, micronutrients, child survival and public health for programs located in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Starting as a field officer for CARE in India and Peru where she worked in community nutrition/health/water/education programs, she later worked as USAID’s principal technical officer for Maternal and Infant Nutrition in Washington. She led Alive & Thrive’s Bangladesh country program for 5 years and is now the global Technical Director at headquarters. Dr. Sanghvi has published several books and articles, and is the lead author of Nutrition Essentials - A Guide for Health Managers.