Photo exhibition and Panel Discussion 2016

Stop Stunting in South Asia, a special issue of the international journal Maternal and Child Nutrition, was launched in Delhi (17-18 May 2016) alongside a photo exhibition and expert panel discussion on the costs of stunting to children and nations in South Asia.

The series on Stop Stunting in South Asia offers evidence that stunting is holding back the development of South Asian children and nations. It focuses on three major drivers of child stunting in the region: poor diets of children in the first two years of life; poor nutrition of women before and during pregnancy; and poor hygiene and sanitation practices in households and communities. The special issue features papers by global experts in maternal and child nutrition and the linkages between nutrition and sanitation. It also features papers by specialists based in South Asia who offer country-specific perspectives for Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, and Pakistan – countries that contribute substantially to the burden of stunting.