The Regional Conference on Stop Stunting (10-12 November 2014) provided a knowledge-for-action platform where state-of-the-art evidence, better practices and innovations were shared to accelerate sectoral and cross-sectoral policies, programmes and research in Nutrition and Sanitation to reduce the prevalence of child stunting in South Asia.

The specific objectives were:

1. State-of-the-art knowledge on the causes and consequences of stunting for the growth and development of children and nations is shared and its implications for sectoral and cross-sectoral Nutrition and Sanitation programming in South Asia are agreed upon;

2. Innovations and better practices in scaling up programmes to improve child feeding, women’s nutrition and household sanitation in low- and middle-income countries are shared and their implications for policies and programmes in South Asia are identified;

3. National and regional partners agree on how to best support advocacy, policies, and programmes to accelerate progress in reducing stunting on using the best global, regional and national evidence, practices and innovations on Nutrition and Sanitation.

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